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Want to monitor visitors to your website real-time? Wish you could see the activity on your website, chat with visitors, make special offers, allow visitors to interact with your sales agents, much like they would in any offline shop? Our Live Chat Services (powered by Engage) allows you to do this and much more.
  • Track visitors on your website - Engage provides an agent software which you can install on your machine. This software allows you to see every visitor to your website and what they are doing on your website.

  • Visitors on your site can chat with you - Any visitor on your website can click on a chat link on your website and ask you questions live. You can chat with multiple visitors, help them with their queries, guide them to specific pages, give them a presentation and so on. It is as close to a face-to-face interaction as you can possibly get.

  • You can invite Visitors to chat with you - Simply click on the "Invite" button in your agent console and a chat window will popup on the screen of the visitor you selected.

Engage is the best sales tool you will ever invest in. Buy Engage now for your website, and provide a live, interactive shopping experience to your Customers.

Note: Hosting In UAE's live chat solutions are powered by Engage.


Live Chat Packages:


3 Agents

 Small Business

5 Agents


7 Agents


10 Agents

3 Agents 5 Agents 7 Agents 10 Agents
Live Tracking 2 Departments 5 Departments Unlimited Departments
Unlimited Live Chats Unlimited Live Tracking Unlimited Live Tracking Unlimited Live Tracking
  Unlimited Live Chats Unlimited Live Chats Unlimited Live Chats
  Private Labeling Private Labeling Private Labeling
    Secure Chat Encryption Secure Chat Encryption
      Enterprise Reporting

Purchase Rate

US$ 20 / month US$ 49 / Month US$ 95 / Month US$ 395 / Month
AED 75 / month AED 180 / Month AED 350 / Month AED 1450 / Month


Comparison & Feature Chart

Plan Details

Purchase Plan Purchase Basic Plan Purchase Basic Plan Purchase Basic Plan Purchase Enterprise Plan
No. of simultaneous Agents 3 5 7 10
No. of Departments - 2 5 Unlimited
Secure SSL based Chat - -
Detailed Reporting and Statistics - - -
Private Labeling -
Chat Features
Multiple Simultaneous Agents
Intelligent Chat Distribution
Agent to Agent transfer
Operator to Operator chat
Intuitive Windows-based agent interface
Ability to accept / reject incoming chat requests
Unlimited Simultaneous chats
Canned Response Manager
Push Images, Links, Pages, Proactive Messages
Ability to chat in multiple languages
Leave a message when offline

Chat Initiation

Visitor initiated Chat from Website / Email
Invite Visitor to Chat
Force Chat
Activity Monitor
Real-Time Site Activity Monitor
Monitor 1000's of visitors simultaneously
Visitor History
Visitor Browser Type, Country, Browsing history
Visitor Time spent per page

Branding & Customization Features

Visitor's chat window fully customizable
Chat Button/Icons fully customizable
Fonts, Colours and Font Style

Reporting and Analysis

Chat Satisfaction Survey
Retrieve/Search Chat Transcripts
Detailed Reporting and Statistics
Purchase Plan Purchase Basic Plan Purchase Basic Plan Purchase Basic Plan Purchase Basic Plan


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